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Securing your premises with an access control system provides unmatched protection for your property and peace of mind for you. As the premier access control provider in Point Pleasant, NJ, Top Security Locksmiths has the solutions to control who enters your business or home. We specialize in a wide range of exceptional access control systems designed to meet your specific security needs. Our systems are reliable, user-friendly, and backed by our team of highly trained professionals. Learn how we can repair existing systems that are malfunctioning, install new systems, and become your new security partner for your business, office complex, or multi-family housing property.

Biometric fingerprint scanner

Biometric fingerprint scanners are a great addition to your business’s access control system.

Protect Your Business, Employees, and Customers

A vital part of any successful business plan is to provide a safe and secure environment for your employees and customers. A key element of this plan is to control who enters your business during normal hours as well as after hours. In addition, controlling access to critical areas at all times is essential to protecting your data and assets.​ No matter the size, nature, or complexity of your business, we can provide an access control solution that will give you control of:

  • Lobby and office doors
  • LAN rooms
  • Elevators
  • High-value/drug storage areas
  • Parking garages/entry gates
  • A single-door in a small retail shop
  • Thousands of doors in a multi-building office complex, medical facility, shopping mall, and any other type of large-scale commercial property.

Types of Access Control Systems We Work On

Different types of access control systems are available in the market today, each with unique features and advantages. The most common types include:

  • Biometric access control systems: This system uses physical attributes such as fingerprints, facial recognition, or iris scanning to identify individuals and grant them access.
  • Card-based access control systems: These systems use cards with embedded chips or magnetic stripes scanned at entry points to validate an individual’s identity and grant access.
  • Keypad access control systems: Users are granted access by entering a code or password on a keypad at entry points, making keyless entry systems an affordable option for smaller businesses or homes.
  • Proximity access control systems: Similar to card-based systems, these use small proximity cards, or fobs waved in front of a reader to grant access.

The Benefits of Managed Access Control Systems

Investing in an access control system has numerous benefits for commercial properties. How much time each day do you spend managing your employee access? With managed access control, you replace keys with card readers, keypads, or fingerprint readers. 

  • Enhanced security: With an access control system you control who can enter specific areas of your property and when they have access. The system can also integrate seamlessly with your existing CCTV, communication, and other security solutions.
  • Convenient personnel management: Access control systems allow for centralized management, making it easy to add or remove users, change permissions, and monitor activity logs.
  • Cost-effective: With traditional lock and key systems, rekeying is often necessary when an employee leaves or a key is lost. With an access control system, you can deactivate a card or change a code remotely from your computer, tablet, or (depending on the system) even your smartphone, saving time and money.
  • Customizable access: Different areas of your property may require different levels of security. Access control systems allow for customizable access levels for different users, restricting entry to certain areas as needed.
  • Improved Safety in Emergency Situations:  We hate to think about this type of situation, but an access control system can allow you to mitigate workplace violence by quickly locking down your building.
  • Convenient, customizable control: Depending on the type of system and level of security you need, you can access and manage it from an on-site computer, a web-based portal, or an app on your smart device.

Comprehensive Range of Cutting-Edge Access Control Solutions

Top Security Locksmiths offers an extensive range of access control solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and recommend the best system for your property. Some of our popular solutions include:

  • Door access control: This involves using electronic locks, card readers, keypads, or other devices to restrict entry through specific doors. We can easily integrate door access control into your existing security system.
  • Fingerprint locks: Fingerprint locks provide a secure and convenient way to grant access to authorized personnel. These locks are virtually impossible to duplicate or forge, ensuring maximum security.
  • Electric strikes and maglocks: These devices are used with card readers or keypads to secure doors. When a valid card or code is presented, the strike or maglock releases, allowing entry.
  • Touchless access control: With technological advancements, touchless access control systems using facial recognition or motion sensors are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and hygienic benefits.

Upgrade Your Security With Top Security Locksmiths

Don’t wait until an incident happens to secure your property. Contact Top Security Locksmiths today for a free consultation, and let us help you choose the right access control system for your specific needs. Our team of experts is ready to provide exceptional installation, maintenance, and support services for all your access control needs in Point Pleasant, NJ.

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Common Access Control System FAQs

What are the different types of access control systems you offer?

We offer a wide variety of access control systems including biometric fingerprint scanners, card-based readers, keypad code entry, and cutting-edge proximity and touchless systems. Our experts will assess your needs to recommend the optimal solutions.

How does biometric fingerprint access control work? What are the benefits?

Our biometric fingerprint access controls scan fingerprints at entry points for a highly secure identification system. This technology offers customizable access permissions and seamless integration with other security solutions. It’s ideal for sensitive areas in a business or facility. Biometric access normally functions as a secondary method of user authentication, the first being a key card or proximity badge.

Can your access control systems restrict employee access to certain areas or at certain times?

Yes, our access control systems allow custom permissions by employee by restricting entry through designated access points or only during scheduled work hours. This level of control is not possible with traditional lock and key systems.

How does keypad access control work? What is the cost compared to other access control systems?

Keypad access controls work through door-mounted number pads. Entering assigned access codes grants entry. It’s a cost-effective option for all businesses. We offer professional installation, making expansion easy as your business grows.

How can access control systems help improve safety in emergency situations?

In emergencies, our access control dashboard allows quickly locking down entry points across an entire property. This security feature mitigates risks by controlling lobby doors, restricting elevator access, and protecting employees in their offices. Access control also helps with mustering. Mustering is the term used to help identify who is accounted for during an emergency.

What options for managing access control systems remotely do you offer (i.e. web portal, smartphone app)?

We offer convenient remote access control management through onsite computer dashboards, web-based portals accessible anywhere with an internet connection, and smartphone apps. Changing access is fast and simple.

I’m moving to a new office location. Can you move an existing access control system or do I need an entirely new installation?

For office relocations, we offer cost-effective access control system reinstallation. Our technicians can carefully remove and re-mount door readers, keypads, electric strikes and other hardware at your new location keeping configurations, permissions, and features intact. Just call us for a quote!
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