EEPROM Reflash Service

Advanced car computer reprogramming services for domestic, foreign, and German car brands.

We Provide Affordable EEPROM Reflash Services for all Makes/Models

Have you lost your car keys and remote? Has your car stopped recognizing your transponder head key and you can’t start your car? If you know the battery is good and the fob or key isn’t damaged, it could be an issue with your car’s EEPROM (electrically programmable read-only memory). Instead of the time and cost of a dealer, you can call the highly qualified automotive locksmith technicians at Top Security Locksmiths to help!

Our licensed, insured, and experienced local car locksmiths have decades of experience programming remotes, fobs, and chip keys as well as programming/flashing automotive computers for a huge range of domestic and foreign vehicles. We also specialize in immobilizer reflash service for all models of Acura, Honda, and Toyota.

What is “EEPROM Reflash” Service?

2006 BMW 330ci EEPROM programmed to work with a new key we originated

2006 BMW 330ci EEPROM programmed to work with a new key we originated

Your car’s computer EEPROM (electrically programmable read-only memory) contains the necessary information for validating your key/remote/fob, and it’s a key part of your car’s anti-theft immobilizer system that prevents it from running unless the correct key is present. If your car stops recognizing your key you won’t be able to start it. When this happens we can “reflash” (reset) the EEPROM so it can be programmed to recognize a new key. This is an advanced type of car key replacement service.

When you reach out to Top Security Locksmiths in the Point Pleasant, NJ area, we will bring the necessary equipment and expertise to make the key and computer connection, and get your car running and back on the road again!

Our Mobile Service is Convenient and Affordable

The security features for doors, trunks, and ignition for many modern vehicles are as advanced as the rest of the vehicle. They rely on computer systems that have come a long way from the early ECU/ECM (engine control unit/module) systems providing engine management. Central locking systems integrated with ECU and ECM car computers became popular just before the turn of the millennium, and now they’re common. Manufacturers of more advanced vehicles have included some serious technology options to manage the locks.

Here are a few of the sophisticated automotive brands we service include, but are not limited to:

  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • BMW
  • Land Rover
  • VW
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Audi
  • Saab
  • Porsche

Providing EEPROM reflash service for a wide range of domestic and foreign makes and models requires specific technical skills, tools, and equipment, and you can rest assured that our technicians have it all! Drivers may also be looking for ECU programming near me or ECM programming near me, depending on the vehicle.

All of these methods allow the vehicle to double-check that the key not only fits the mechanical lock and turns properly, but is electronically linked to the vehicle computer.

We Also Offer Mail-In EEPROM Programming

For added convenience, Top Security Locksmiths offers mail-in EEPROM programming services. If you can’t meet our mobile technicians or get your vehicle to our shop, you can ship us your vehicle’s EEPROM module, and we can program it remotely and then ship it back to you. This allows customers nationwide to utilize our advanced automation programming for situations where mobile service isn’t practical.

Our process is simple: contact us to get a quote for your vehicle make and model, then remove your EEPROM module and ship it to us. We’ll professionally program your module and keys using high-end diagnostic equipment. Then we’ll ship back your now-programmed module for easy re-installation into your vehicle along with your newly programmed keys or fobs. Mail-in EEPROM programming provides flexibility and convenience without sacrificing quality.

Local, Mobile EEPROM Programming Service in Point Pleasant, NJ, and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking for mobile reflash and programming near me? Our locksmiths and their fully-equipped vans provide emergency mobile service, coming to you throughout the Point Pleasant, NJ area. Since we come to you, It’s also generally more cost-effective and less time-consuming than going to the car dealership for unlocking, reprogramming, and key fob programming services.

When we come to you you don’t have to tow your car to the dealership, wait for your scheduled appointment, or pay their high prices! If you’ve lost all your keys we can also originate new keys for you on-site using all the same industry-standard key cutting, programming, and EEPROM equipment the dealerships use.

Car Reprogramming Services From Specialized Locksmiths

You may have noticed that we service makes and models that are known for advanced technology, especially in their locking systems. Our emergency mobile locksmith understands the lock and key technology. They can provide a convenient, local EEPROM reflash service that saves time in the shop. Car reprogramming requires specialized training and equipment, and key replacement by an experienced locksmith also delivers high-quality physical keys cut by a professional. Give us a call today to ask about our EEPROM service and to get a free quote for your vehicle!

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